Fundamentals of Management

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MTM 121
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Paper has been designed such that it acquaints the students with the basic management concepts and organizational processes in the organization.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Management-Concepts, Functions, Significance of management, Management and administration, Levels of management. Principles of management-Henry Fayol and F.W Taylor, Approaches/schools of management thought – Classical , Neo-Classical and Modern.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Planning-Concept, Nature, Processes, Types, Significance of planning, Planning process, Management by Objectives

Organization-Concept, Importance, Process of organizing, Principles of Organization, Types-Formal and Informal.

Organization Structure-Types of Organization Structure-line, line and staff, functional, project, matrix and committee. Delegation and Decentralization of Authority(conceptual knowledge only)


Unit III: 
Unit III

Decision Making-Meaning, Significance, Types of decisions, Process of decision-making, Techniques of decision-making, Controlling-Concepts, Features, Steps of controlling, Importance, Techniques-Traditional and Modern (Elementary knowledge only)

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Motivation-Meaning, Types of motivation, Importance, Theories of motivation-Maslow’s need-hierarchy theory, McGregor’s theory X and theory Y,Herzberg motivation-hygiene model, Victor-vroom expectancy model. William Ouchi’s motivation theory,

Unit V: 
Unit V

Leadership-Definition, Importance, Difference between leadership and management, Functions of a leader, Styles of Leadership-autocratic, participative and free-rein, Theories of leadership-trait theory, behavioural theory- likert’s system of management, Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid, and Tannenbaum and Schimidt’s Continuum of leadership style and situational theory- Fiedler’s Contingency Model


Essential Readings: 

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  • Mathew, M.J “Business Management” Sheel Sons Publishers,Jaipur. 1st edition


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