Workshop on Fundamental Glossary of Tourism

Date :  8 October 2016

Venue : The IIS University

No of participants :11

Objective of the Activity:. The Aim of the Workshop was to develop the glossary of tourism related words.


A workshop on Fundamental Glossary of Tourism was organized by the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, Ministry of MHRD, Government of India and  Department of Tourism Management ,The IIS University from 8-12 Oct 2016. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Chhavi Jain. Eminent experts for the workshop were Dr. Dharmendra Kumar, Assistant Director, CSTT, Prof. Nimit Chowadhary, IITTM, Noida, Prof. Monika Prakash, IITTM, Noida, Dr. Ramesh Devrath, IITTM, Gwalior, Dr. K.K.Sharma, Ajmer, Dr. Pushpendra Kumar, DGM, NBCCIL, Dr. Ravindra Bharti, Jaipur, Dr. Rajesh Kumar Vyas, Jaipur. This was the final meeting for creation of glossary of around 3000 words. The meeting ended with planning of a seminar at Delhi for around 200 faculties of related field for the review, training and usage of the created glossary.