Quiz on World Tourism Day

Date : 27 September 2016

Venue : Room No 112

No of Participants : 26

Objective of the Activity : It was aimed to bring awareness about World Tourism Day and its related activity. Department organized quiz for the students pursuing MTB and COSD on this occassion. Quiz was aimed to increase the knowledge base of the students about various tourism related trends, heritage, culture and  history.

Description: The department celebrated World Tourism day on campus. A Quiz Activity on World tourism day was organized to increase Student knowledge about tourism and various activities related to it.  They also wished faculty and staff individually and put World Tourism Day tags on their lapel. The activity was for the students of UG and COSD. Various tourism based questions related to history, culture, art and craft were asked to increase and exchange the knowledge. Students were shown the pictures of various historical palaces and monument and they took interest in answering the questions.  Students were also informed about various events to be organized on this occasion by department of tourism. Activities came to an end after discussion and sharing knowledge between students and teachers. The activity was conducted by Ms. Himneet Rai.

Outcome of the Activities:

Students came to know about various historical palace, monuments, art and craft and cultural aspects of various palace. they also got information about historical monuments and their significance, their uniqueness and glory.  Students being a beneficiary of activities updated their knowledge about tourism related activities organized on the behalf of department of tourism.