Workshop On Brochure Design

Start Date: 
Sunday, 3 February 2019
Start Time: 
01:30 pm
IIS university Campus

Objective of the workshop: Workshop is aimed to impart required skills and techniques for designing a brochure to the students. This workshop would serve the purpose in which the students would learn how to prepare brochure on destinations as part of their practical component.

Details: A work shop was organized for the students of Tourism Management –second semester to make them learn how to design a Tourism brochure. The workshop was conducted by Mr Ritesh Mandawara (Graphic Designer IIS University) and Dr. Deepika Singh (Associate professor). The students were exposed to different designing software and tools. Workshop was aimed to increase the skills of students needed to prepare a tourism destination brochure.  Students came to know about various commands to be used to get information about how to select and edit pictures of destination, their attractiveness and put them in brochures. They were also guided regarding the contents of the brochure and their selections.  This work shop was progressed to provide the hands on experience on brochure designing. Work shop was intended to increase the curiosity among the student regarding utilization of designing software.

Outcome of the workshop:

Workshop was immense fruitful for the students. Students came to know about various commands to be used for tourism brochure design. Students learnt to brochure designing techniques and tools to be used to make an attractive brochure. Workshop proved fruitful to students who were intended to increase their knowledge regarding utilization of software that ease the process of designing and they would be able to generate the brochure with short span of time. it provided practical exposure to the student.