Sustainable Tourism

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MTM 421
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Covers both issues and methods in planning for tourism development from the perspective of sustainable development

Unit I: 
Unit I

Concepts, Principles and Theories of Sustainable Development (SD).  Sustainability as a development and management approach

Earth summit -1 and II


Unit II: 
Unit II

Perspectives on Mass and Alternative Tourism. Community tourism- Rural tourism and Village tourism. Urban tourism; Eco-tourism; Nature tourism; Volunteer tourism.

Cultural tourism and its forms. Conflicts and synergies between promotion and conservation of destinations.

Unit III: 
Unit III

Challenges of Sustainable Tourism Development. Economic, socio-cultural and physical impacts, social and economic Sustainability of tourist regions.

 Major indicators, tools and techniques for sustainable development

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Sustainable tourism Enterprise. Investment opportunities, Role of the government and private sectors in sustainable tourism development.


Unit V: 
Unit V

Codes of conduct for tourism (UNWTO); Human rights Issues in tourism and the role of NGO’s, Successful case studies of Eco-tourism. ( Kerala, Sikkim & Bhutan)


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  • Development Approach, Edword Inskeep. Tourism and Sustainability - New Tourism in Third World-Martin Mowforth, Lan Munt.
  • Eco-Tourism a Sustainable Option, Erlet Cater and Crwen Lowman.


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