Research for Management

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MTM 124
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: To enable the students to identify problems for managerial decision making, Design a research, collect data, analyze and write a report.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Research: Definition and concept of research, Objectives of research, Importance of research. Types of Research- Descriptive vs Analytical, Applied vs Fundamental, Quantitative vs Qualitative, Conceptual vs Empirical, Historical, Longitudinal Research. Research Approaches, Research Process.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Research Design: Meaning, Need and Characteristics of a good research design. Types of Research Design, Identification of a Research problem. Selection of a Research problem. Hypothesis: Purpose, Characteristics, Types and criteria of hypothesis, Process of Hypothesis Testing. Variables: Meaning and Concept, Types of variables.

Unit III: 
Unit III

Data gathering instruments: Collection of Data, Primary and Secondary Data, Methods of collecting data, Sources of Secondary Data. Scaling Techniques: Meaning and Purpose of scaling techniques, Types of scales- Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio scales.

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Sampling- Meaning of Census and Sample. Characteristics of a good Sample, Need for Sample, Methods of Sampling-Random Sampling Methods- Simple Random Sampling, Stratified Sampling, Systematic Sampling and Multi-stage Sampling

Non-Random Sampling- Judgment or Purposive Sampling, Convenience Sampling, Cluster Sampling and Sequential Sampling.

Sampling Theory- Parameter and Statistic,

Sampling Distribution of a Statistic and Standard Error of a Statistic

Test of Significance (Large Sample)- Sample Mean, Difference between two Sample Means, Difference between two Standard Deviations, Sample Proportion and Difference between two Sample Proportions.

Application of Student’s t- test for Mean, Difference Between two Means (Independent and Paired t-test for Difference of Means). 

Unit V: 
Unit V

Chi-square test : test of independence & test of Goodness of Fit Analysis of Variance- One-way and two-way classification. Interpretation and Report Writing: Meaning and Techniques of Interpretation, Precautions in Interpretation, Significance of Report writing, Types of reports Process of report writing

Essential Readings: 
  • Naresh Malhotra, Marketing Research, Pearson Education.
  • C.R.Kothari, Research Methodology, New Age Publication.



  • Levin & Rubin, Statistics for Management, Pearson.
  • Levine, Business Statistics, Krehbiel & Berenson.
  • Cooper & Schindler, Marketing Research, Tata McGraw Hill.
  • Anderson, Statistics for Business and Economics, Sweeney and Williams
  • C.M. Chaudhary, Research Methodology, RBSA Publisher.



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