Organizational Behaviour

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MTM 221
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The objective of this subject is to acquaint the students with the basic concepts of organization behaviour.


Unit I: 
Unit I

Organizational Behaviour: Definition, Importance , Disciplines contributing to Organization Behaviour.

Foundations of Individual Behaviour: Perception-Meaning,charactersitcs,perceptual process Perceptual selectivity ,Perceptual Organization

 Personality-Meaning, theories of personality-psychoanalytical  theory,socio-psychological theory, trait theory and self theory

Unit II: 
Unit II

Foundations of Group Behaviour: Meaning, Importance, Process of Group Formation, Types of Groups, Factors influencing group behaviour, Group cohesiveness, factors affecting group cohesiveness Team: Meaning, difference between team and group, Types of teams, techniques of effective team building.

Unit III: 
Unit III

Organizational Power: Meaning, characteristics, classification of power, contingency approaches to power. Politics: Meaning, Reasons of politics

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Conflicts: Meaning, Reasons of conflict, types of conflict, Process of conflict, merits and demerits, management of conflict.

Unit V: 
Unit V

Stress: Meaning, reasons of stress, types of stress, effect of stress, strategies for coping stress.

Organizational Change; Meaning, reasons, types, process of change, résistance to change, management of change.

Essential Readings: 
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