Information Technology for management

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MTM 127
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This course has been designed to introduce the students to applications of computers to manage different operation of organizations. It provides them an opportunity to study the hands-on implementation of different technologies in corporate environment.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Information &Database Management System:– Introduction, Classification of Information, Methods of Data & Information Collection, Value of Information, Database Management System:Introduction, Types of Database,  System Decomposition, Integration of Sub Systems, Current trends in information  Technology.


Unit II: 
Unit II

Management Information System & Strategic Issues of IT: - MIS Definition, Nature & Scope, MIS Characteristics, Functions, Structure of MIS, Role of MIS, MIS as a Control System, IT Application in Management, Strategy for Integrating Information Technology with Business Environment.

Unit III: 
Unit III

Internet& Recent Trends in IT- Internet Tools & Services, Introduction to E-commerce and ERP.Recent Trends in IT:-  Wireless Access Technologies, GSM, GPS, CDMA, GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, 3G & 4G technologies, RFID; E-Business Fundamentals.

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

What if analysis with Spread-Sheet Various Tools & Functions: Filling series fill with drag, data sort, Formatting worksheet, Functions and its parts, Some useful Functions in spreadsheet (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, IF), Cell referencing (Relative, Absolute, Mixed), Renaming sheet, Printing worksheet.

Unit V: 
Unit V

Decision Making& Advance Spread-Sheet Tools-: Strategic, tactical & Operational information for Making decisions, EIS. Advance Spread-Sheet Tools- Goal seek, Finance Functions & advance Auto Filter, V look up, H-look up, Scenario, Sub-total, Macro, Protection.

Essential Readings: 
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