Destination Marketing

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MTM 422
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To give an insight into marketing of a destination

Unit I: 
Unit I

Tourism Attraction: Definition, Characteristics, typology, Criteria for tourist attractiveness, development and design of tourist attractions. Destination life cycle.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Tourism Destination Planning, Environmental analysis, resource analysis, Regional Environmental analysis and scanning, marketing analysis, competitor analysis


Unit III: 
Unit III

Regional Goal Formation: Strategy formation, product portfolio strategies. Tourism portfolio model, analysis of portfolio approaches. Market segmentation in the regional context- Bases, steps and categories, Target Marketing- targeting options, positioning strategies.


Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Components of destination marketing mix. Product Strategy- Nature and Characteristics

Managing existing tourism products. New product development in Regional Tourism. Pricing Strategies- tourist perception of price.


Unit V: 
Unit V

The Tourism Distribution Strategy- Choice of distribution channel. Developing a destination promotional strategy. Evaluation and control of the promotional programme. Tourism organization- Role in destination development and promotion.


  • Marketing Tourism Destinations: Ernie Heath and Geoffrey wall, John Wiley and Sons, Inc. Marketing for hospitality and tourism- Philip Kotler, Jon Bower.
  • Tourism Marketing: Lumsdon
  • Marketing for Tourism- J. Christopheo Holloway and Chris Robinson



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