Business Communication & Soft skills

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MTM 123
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Communication is the key to successful business. It leads one to negotiate effectively and strike the right deal for the organization. This course provides insight into the technical and structural aspect of communication in business

Unit I: 
Unit I

Introduction to Communication: Meaning, Definition, Objective and Importance of Business Communication; The Process and Models of Communication(KeithDavis,Lesikar)
Effective Communication: – Effective Listening Importance of Listening; How to be an effective Listener. Effective Speaking, 7 Cs of Effective Communication.

Unit II: 
Unit II

Forms of Communication:- Oral, Written, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal, Verbal, Nonverbal Communication; Types of Nonverbal Communication- Kinesics, Paralanguage, Proxemics, Medias of Communication
Barriers to Communication: Concept, Types, Overcoming barriers to communication.

Unit III: 
Unit III

Business Letter Writing: Forms, Types and Layout Report Writing- Forms, Content, Layout

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Development of Soft Skills

Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills,

Team Spirit, Business Etiquette, Leadership Skills.  

Unit V: 
Unit V

Practice in Business Communication:

Seminar Presentation, Public Speaking, Interviews, Resume Writing, Group discussion.


Essential Readings: 
  1. Rajendra Pal, J. S. Korlahalli, Essentials of Business Communication, S.Chand, New Delhi
  2. Asha Kaul, Business Communication, Prentice Hall, New Delhi


  1. Pandey, Pareek, Madan and Sharma, Business Communication, RBD Professional Publications, Jaipur.
  2. Ronald E. Dulek and John S. Fielder, Principles of Business Communication, Macmillan Publishing Company, London.
  3. M. J. Mathew, Business Communication, RBSA Publishers, Jaipur


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