Accounting for Managers

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MTM 125
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The basic purpose of this course is to develop an insight of postulates, principles and techniques of accounting so as to equip the student for basic managerial functions related to accounting.

Unit I: 
Unit I

Introduction Accounting-Meaning and definition, Nature, Need, objectives, Importance, Limitations, Users of accounting information, Branches of accounting, Accounting as an information system, Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP)

Unit II: 
Unit II

Basics of Financial Accounting Accounting equation, Systems of Book Keeping, Types of accounts and their Rules, Basics of Journal and ledger, Trial Balance, Final accounts-contents and their preparation

Unit III: 
Unit III

Financial Analysis Meaning, objectives and types of financial analysis, Tools or techniques of financial analysis-Ratio analysis(meaning, objectives, limitations, classification, preparation of financial statements from ratios),Comparative and common size financial statements, Fund Flow analysis and Cash Flow analysis (Conceptual knowledge only)

Unit IV: 
Unit IV

Cost Accounting-Meaning, Objectives, Importance, Methods, Techniques and systems of costing; Basic Cost Concepts-Elements of cost, classification of costs; Cost sheet; Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis-Meaning, Assumptions, Significance, Break even analysis, Contribution and Marginal cost equation, Profit-Volume ratio, Margin of safety, key factor; Effect of change in the profit factors, Budgets-Functional budgets, Master Budget, Fixed and Flexible budgets (Conceptual knowledge only)

Unit V: 
Unit V

Contemporary issues/concepts in accounting Convergence to International financial reporting standards (IFRS); Inflation Accounting, Green Accounting, Carbon Credit Accounting, Human Resources Accounting; Value Based Management; Cost reduction systems-kaizen costing system, Activity Based Costing, Life cycle costing; Zero Base Budgeting (ZBB), Performance Budgeting . Social Accounting.

Essential Readings: 
  • Maheshwari, Maheshwari, A text book of accounting for Management, Sultan Chand &Sons.
  • Agarwal M R, Management Accounting-I, Garima Publications


  • M. Y Khan, P.K. Jain, Management Accounting   : Text problem and Cases. Tata McGraw Hill.
  • Shukla And Grewal, Advanced Accounts, Sultan Chand and sons
  • IM Pandey, Management accounting, Vikas Publishing House.
  • M.N. Arora, Cost Accounting Principles & Practices, Eight edition, Vikas Publishing house.
  • Horngren, Management Accounting, Pearson Education.
  • Anthony Robert, Management Accounting Principles, R D. Irwin.
  • Kothari & Godha, Management Accounting-Concepts and applications, Macmillan publishers


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